My Experience [So Far] Working At PlusOne Communications

I currently live in Akron, Ohio now and I told myself I’d never go back into telephone work. I regret not listening to my gut. This job is worse than my last job. I work for PlusOne Communications, who is a call center for Cox. I’m a technical support agent and even though they tell you that the job isn’t about sales…it is.

Let me just get to the Pros and Cons of this job:


-Good coffee.
-Janitors do a good job keeping things neat and tidy.
-The receptionist is always nice.


-You get wrote up for every little thing. If you’re 30 seconds late from your paid 15-minute break, they’ll write you up. I kid you not.
-You have to make a sale in order to get out of TANK/Training. They lost the 3 I made and I got those a week before training was over. They pretty much said, “You have to ask the customer for it to count”. Here I am starting week three in TANK because they was NOT clear about the parameters.
-You can get fired out of training.
-You can get fired for not selling. They CLEARLY said in orientation that this job was not about commission or selling, it was about make the customer happy and valued customer.
-The lunch room is not big enough for the 300-something odd people on the floor. There’s only one refrigerator and if they see open cans or bottles of liquid, they toss them out; even if they aren’t open.
-The bathroom is TWICE as small. Only two stalls to 300-something people.
-The shirts they make you buy aren’t worth the money that they take out of your check every paycheck.
-You get paid every two weeks.
-You work 38-40 hours a week; even in training and your paycheck doesn’t show it…at all. How do you work that long and your check is only 250.00 – 300.00?
-They hire anyone due to the high turn-over rate.
-You cannot have both weekend days off, all agents must work a weekend day.
-You can’t have the two days you do get off back to back.
-They say they’re lenient, but they’re not. They get mad when people call off, and write you up, but don’t want to give people time during the week to do important things.
-Overtime is MANDATORY. 8-hours of overtime because Cox shut down other call centers.
-On my training/TANK sheet it says, “Automatic failure: death in the family, time off scheduled with HR. I can show it to anyone who reads this and wants to see it.
-You’re on a point system. That means if you take an unscheduled break – say, to the bathroom, they write you up and give you points. You can get those points taken off if you do overtime; on top of the mandatory overtime.

If I didn’t have a son to worry about and support, I wouldn’t be working here. Period. I’m going to try my go at Alcoa again, even though I said I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t mind working in a factory.


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Me and my fiance, Tommy.

Love Sickness

Love is making me sick. It hurts…

I’m pretty much hunched over in the fetal position.  I don’t know if I’m actually sick and I’m rationalizing, but I have this feeling in my stomach that won’t go away.

Every time I think about how much I love my fiancé, I get sick to my stomach. I’m not disgusted or anything, I just get sick. I’ve never been in love like this before and maybe that’s playing a part in it.

When I think about the times my fiancé told me that I’m his everything and that his world would be nothing without me in it, I get sick to my stomach. I think about the people I was with before and it doesn’t hold a candle to what I have now. I think I was just getting by before. The thought of me being alone for the rest of my life made me make irresponsible choices.

Now there are men that were in my life telling me that they’re still in love with me, that they if they can’t have me, they don’t want to be with anyone else. – comparing me to other women even. That makes me feel horrible. I know I can’t control how someone else feel or think, but I still feel like shit about it. It shouldn’t be that way. [They] should find someone who loves them and leave the past in the past. Dwelling on what was is toxic and it causes unnecessary stress.

Anyway, I’ve opened up to this man in ways I’ve never done before. I’ve told him things I’ve never told anyone else. He has my heart and if he were to break it, I think I would die. I would be so hurt that I may have to give up relationships cold turkey. I couldn’t stand being with anyone else but him. So I kind of understand why the men of my past feel the way they do about me – kind of.

When I was married, I didn’t care about who I was married to. I didn’t respect him because he didn’t respect me. So I lied, manipulated, cheated because I couldn’t care less. He didn’t mean shit to me. I thought I loved him, but now I realized I loved the idea of not being alone. He lied to me or about me to other people, manipulated, neglected, stole, abused so I regret nothing.

Moving on…

My fiancé says that he sees me in a new light every day when he wakes up. Maybe this is my version of that. All I know is that I get sick, dizzy and nauseated if I sit and think about how much I love him. Every time I look at him, I just want to curl up in his chest and stay there forever. I used to be able to sleep alone, but now I cannot. I can’t sleep without him next to me.  I almost hate that he leaves the room on most occasions.

I didn’t believe in fate before, but I do now. I believe all the actions I made up to this point were for good reason – the reason was to meet my one and only. I haven’t felt love this great since I gave birth to my son and seen him for the first time.

He is the only man who will ever come before anyone else. I love my son more than my next breath and no one will come before him. I’d kill for that little man in a heartbeat. Don’t get me wrong, I love my fiancé more than I love myself most of the time, but my son is what kept me going, kept me alive. I’m mom first, fiancé second.

One of these days, I’ll be able to dedicate my time in giving back to my fiancé like he’s been giving for me. That’s set in stone’; one of my life’s missions now is to repay back my fiancé the best way I can – if it takes the rest of my life.

If love like this is supposed to hurt, then I’m willing to feel like this for the rest of my life. This is a love I’ve never experienced before. There’s so much about; love that I have no clue about, but I do know a lot about being rejected and having to leave people. I’m very familiar in that subject and it sickens me sometimes.

I hope I don’t screw us up; screw him up especially. I have a feeling if I was to fuck this up, it would devastate him and I have no intentions of doing that. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in the relationship department. And I’m glad it didn’t take me all my life to find him; I have Plenty of Fish to thank for that.


Lee’s Update: Life is Getting Better


It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog. A lot has happened since my last posts. I lost friends and gained new ones. It’s been one hell of a ride.


I still love Charley’s.

I moved out of my grandmother’s house. Back in August we got into an argument that her grandson started and she had to point out that I was an atheist and that she didn’t trust me. She wanted me out by that December; well she got what she wanted. To drive it home she had to get into an argument with me about things that had nothing to do with her and she then threatened to kick me out again. I had already gotten notice that August, she must’ve forgotten. My fiancé was there during that one-sided argument, and the following day, Tommy, and my son and I left for Akron. I’ve been here ever since.

A lot has been on my mind since I left Cleveland. I left behind a few friends – one that’s not particularly talking to me anymore, but that’s fine; kind of my fault anyway. The other one was teaching me how to drive and he helped me a lot of things around my room as far as my computer. He gave me speakers and receivers and was going to give me a GPU, but I had moved before he could. I will miss him dearly.

I gained a friend though. She’s awesome and she’s helped me a lot and I’m really grateful for her and her support. I really appreciate her, she’s an awesome person. She’s going to help get my book published if I ever finish writing it.


I’m of course engaged to my other half. I truly was going to give up on giving love a chance, but I’m glad I didn’t. He’s great with my son; he treats me like an equal. I’m happy and very content in the relationship department.

Me and my fiance, Tommy.

Me and my fiancé, Tommy.

In the past it wasn’t so great. I was [lusting] after one guy who didn’t want to pursue anything because of what he saw as flaws and he was really busy 90% of the time. It took a while for me to get over him and come to terms with it, but, essentially I did. I no longer love him, because I shouldn’t. He didn’t love me, so why should I love him?

Then, that last one was with someone I couldn’t deal with emotionally. It was like everything I said or did would end up hurting him or it would be discussed with family members. I hated that. I’m not in a relationship with your family. They don’t need to know everything – hell, ANYTHING.

I love my fiancé and it still stings a bit when he says that I may leave him for someone else. There’s no one else I want. I know he jokes, but every joke has some truth in it, and that’s what stings. I love him.


I’ve come to terms to a lot of things recently; things I can and cannot change. After I officially removed myself from my anti-depressants, things started to make a lot of sense. I got my energy back, I’m not moody anymore, I’m starting to get my patience for people and children back, but it’s taking time. I had to change my way of life and being on anti-depressants was draining me of my life and frying my brain. The things I cannot change I’m fine with. I cannot change my family, so I decided to not talk to them anymore. I couldn’t deal with my grandmother, her grandson(s) and her daughter and their evil and conniving ways. So, it’s been better if I simply left them alone. I don’t regret my decision either.



Finally got my computer up and running, I got another hard-drive and a GPU, it runs fine, now. I only cut Ichigo on when I absolutely need to; seeing as it’s in a hazardous place at the moment. Ventilation isn’t great and it’s sitting right next to a heater. I game on it occasionally, but not for more than an hour. Soon, I’ll be able to upgrade it to the build I need it to be.


My World

Sweetie is growing up so fast. I’m starting to miss his quips and such way before it’s time. He’s learning so fast and he’s becoming more independent. The only issue we’re struggling with is, he may be diabetic or have thyroid disease and that scares me….so fucking much.

Brushing teeth.

Brushing teeth.

 Anyway, that’s pretty much what’s been going on. If I have any followers left, I apologize that I’ve been absent from my blog. Life hasn’t been showing any mercy and I’ve been dealing with it the best way I know how. I just hope it’s enough…it has to be.


I Ain’t Kissing No One’s Ass!

Bad English I know, but I’m pissed.


I’m ranting once again about my “family“. This time it has more to do with a


The Wicked Witch of the West as pictured in Th...


family friend who happens to be brainwashed by the wicked witch of the west that is my grandmother. My grandmother is the grand puppet master and the people strings she happen to be pulling don’t  realize it.


I’m an atheist, that much is clear to everyone in my family. What doesn’t seem to making any breakthroughs is the fact that I’m not kissing anyone’s ass.


This “family friend” out of the blue leaves me a post on my Facebook wall last night or this morning, not really sure when. She’s going on and on about not being into having beef with people over the internet, yet she has a lot of shit to say to someone who she doesn’t want to beef with over the internet, but I digress.


It’s like all of sudden she has this issue with me about ranting about people in this “family” talking shit about me but can’t tell me to my face. It was almost like she was the guilty one instead of my real family. That said more about her intentions than anything else.


Her sad ass attempt to be the knight in shining armor, riding in on her horse turned out to be fruitless. I kept telling her that it was none of her business and that she should step off, but she wanted to make it her business; too bad it failed. I dismissed her without saying too much, because she’s pregnant and she need to be focusing on that and not how I feel about my immediate family. If she want to come to blows with me, it’ll have to wait until she had the baby and healed up, until then, she can shut the fuck up.


She mentioned that she prayed for me or whatever. She was upset with that, too. It was like her prayers went unanswered and that she was doing me this huge fucking favor by doing it. I’m an atheist, the fuck are you praying for me for? You want a fucking cookie? You’re so fucking arrogant with it, you’re too dimwitted to see that maybe this is part of your god’s plan. Who are you to change that by praying about it?


Humor me for a second. If what I’m saying and doing when it comes to my family bothers you and ruffle your fucking feathers that fucking much that you had to pray about it, and they go unanswered what does that mean? It means A. God doesn’t exist or B. God doesn’t exist.


I’m still standing up for myself. I’m still keeping my ground. I’m still not kissing anyone’s ass. You’re going to have to do a lot better than prayer to keep me from saying what I have to say.


I told my fiancé I was going to try to be good when I came back up from Akron, but dammit I didn’t start it this time.




OCZ Vertex 3: Be Wary of This SSD (Or ANY SSD)

My first experience with an SSD was in fact a great one, but it ended sour. Then again, when using any kind of new technology, there are going to be some hiccups…painful hiccups.

My SSD, my OCZ Vertex 3 SSD has been the cause of my painful hiccups. It wasn’t until I did some troubleshooting to find out that my first thought was wrong. I thought my PSU had went out. Then, I thought my GPU had blown. Then, it was the RAM and Motherboard. I never thought to assume my SSD had gone bad.

Well, it did and it wasn’t pretty either.

What lead me to believe that it was everything other than my SSD? Well, I am going to tell you.

My computer started freezing randomly. It was freezing while play APU Reloaded. It was freezing when playing Guild Wars 2. It was freezing while browsing the web. At first I thought it was Steam, so I uninstalled it. It stopped freezing for the rest of the day and I thought everything was fine.

The next day, it started freezing again and again. It would freeze even in Safe Mode and when I went into my BIOS. I never heard of a time where a BIOS would freeze up. I was confused at this point and assumed my power supply was going out.

Then I realized something, even though at this point it didn’t add up. I realized that weeks earlier, I was getting BSOD [Blue Screen of Death] at random times, too. I wouldn’t be doing anything but watching a video, or the computer could be idling. It wasn’t freezing at all at this point, it wasn’t until weeks later.

Well, with all of this freezing, I was still convinced it was my PSU. Even more so because it started freezing immediately at start-up or at the ‘American Megatrends‘ splash screen. At this point, I was getting sick of this shit and decided to see if anything was getting too hot, even though I knew this wasn’t the case. When I checked my temps, everything was cool, absolutely nothing was getting hot. My idle temps was 35-38 degrees tops. I couldn’t do anything else at this point without the computer freezing, so I couldn’t check the temps if I were playing a video game or browsing the web.

I refused to believe a 1-year-old PSU would go out so easily, even though it’s plausible and I was convinced that it was my PSU. I uninstalled my recent GeForce NVIDIA graphics drivers. I rolled them back to a later version. The freezing stopped for a few hours and then went back to freezing again after I reinstalled them. So, I rolled them back again, but for some reason it uninstalled them completely this time.

The freezing got really out of control at this point so I hard-reset the computer and after that, it went downhill.

I wasn’t getting a picture at all. So, I thought maybe if I unhook everything and then plug everything back in, it would work. It did for a hot second and then it froze and I had to hard reset again and this time, there was no amount of unplugging I could do to get the screen to reappear. So, this time I was looking at the PSU, Mobo, CPU and the GPU. I didn’t think once it was the SSD.

I did a process of elimination and found out that I was wrong to not think it was the SSD. After resetting my CMOS and taking out the motherboard’s battery, the issue was staring me right in the face.

When I unplugged the SSD and start the computer, I could get into the BIOS just fine, nothing froze. When I plugged in a HDD without a Windows operation system, S.M.A.R.T would simply tell me that the HDD is bad and that it needs replacing; hit F1 to continue. It would continue and it would tell me that I need to plug in a device that will boot the computer or whatever.

Bells started going off in my head, it was the SSD causing all the problems. So, I thought reformatting the SSD and reinstalling Windows 7 would fix it, but it didn’t. Windows would install, it would get past the installation process, but it would hang at the ‘Starting Windows’ splash screen. The only thing missing was the glowing window above ‘Starting Windows’. After waiting 15-35 minutes, it would eventually disappear and then there would be a black screen. I waited an hour and still nothing after that.

Often times, I got this screen:
windowsfailtostartOr I’d get one telling me to choose Safe Mode or launch Windows normally. The thing is, it wouldn’t load, it would just crash and then give me the Windows Boot Manager screen again. Mind you, this is after a new installation of Windows 7.


Too Angry To Sleep

The house is quiet and sitting up fuming. I’m not exactly sure what I’m mad about anymore. It’s so much shit going on right now, I honestly don’t have room for it all. Anger-Image

I spoke to my mom via Facebook. She contacted me because her mom, my grandmother (from hell) called her up complaining about me. She was complaining to her that I should “put M. in my name”. See, we have the same name, but I have a middle initial. Most times I put my middle initial on everything that has to come to the house, to keep her from bitching about it. What they do and decide to put on the address lines when sending my mail is out of my control. The best I can do is tell them to make sure there’s an M. in there.  Seeing as they don’t put a middle initial in the name, she opens my mail. So what? What’s the problem here? I’ll just read it when I get home. So what if she opens it. I honestly don’t see why she’s bitching about it.

My mom then tells me she’s complaining and angry at me about other things that she refused to discuss further because she preferred if I call her. Well that’s kind of hard with no job to keep my phone on. Both my fiancé and I are looking for work. Anyway, I’m not even at “home” (if you can call it that)! What the fuck could she be complaining about and so pissy about and I’m not even there?! I can’t wait till I go “home” to see what she was so upset about. She’s probably going to tell me “Where ever you’re going for days and days at a time, move in with them because I don’t need or want you here“. Then in the same breath she tells me she’s not senile. Then later, in a more exasperated breath, she calls me up to have small-talk after kicking me and my son out, telling me she’s lonely. This will be the last time I move in that nut-house with those two grown ass men who refuse to leave. I’ve left and came back due to hard times over 6 to 8 times and them fools are still there.

Okay, enough of the family I’m itching to get away from and never speak to again.

My mind won’t shut off. I don’t know how to let things go long enough to get sleep at night. All I do is toss and turn and end up getting up from the bed, wishing I had sleeping pills or some Z-Quil. My life is just…I don’t know – a fucking roller coaster of wtf’s and bullshit.

Then I have this one character that’s trying their damnedest to keep me from being happy by trying their hand at slander. He had to find out the hard way that it didn’t work and he showed more about himself than I ever could. I speak truth and my stories never change, while he, on the other hand can’t even keep up with his simple lies; lies he tell himself because in his mind, everyone is always wrong and he’s always right. I don’t think he realize that he’s not the only one out there like this.

Okay, enough of the guy I wish I never met.

I’m more pissed at myself than anything because I have to rely on how my depression (and its pills) will allow me to feel for that day. Most days, I’m down in the dumps and don’t know why. I hate that feeling and I wish I could make it go away. I feel like I’m bringing everyone around me down to where I am. I’m in my dark corner with a hood covering my face. I’m snappy, anxious, tired, sad, mad, frustrated all at once and that in itself frustrates me.



I don’t know what to do.



The Past 5 Days…

Well, it looks like it’s going to be another restless night for me. So, I guess I can talk about the past 5 days.

Nothing in my life, since 2010, goes without a hitch or someone who enjoys making life miserable for me, and it shouldn’t be that way. I should be able to make plans and enjoy myself for my birthday, right? WRONG!


Well, this birthday weekend wasn’t what I expected it to be, but given my luck, last year didn’t go without a hitch either, because of the same person; my son‘s “father”, and I use that term loosely. All the things my boyfriend had planned for me, we couldn’t do. We pretty much spent the entire time doing things Adam Jr. wanted to do. Which is fine, but me and my boyfriend had plans.

The last week before last, I remember telling this guy that I would like to spend time with my boyfriend. Meaning, that he’d have to watch his son. Of course he said okay. It’s always “okay” until it’s time to keep his word. Well, when September 3rd rolled around, I called him to see if he could still watch him and to also tell him that he’s almost out of diapers. He proclaims that he’s really busy (never elaborate on what he’s so busy doing until an argument) and that he’ll have to get back to me Wednesday. Well, he showed up Wednesday with a 27 pack of diapers and a single pack of wipes and tells me he’ll get some more Saturday, but not before telling me that’ll he’ll call me later.

Well, later came and went and I call him. I couldn’t get through, so I message him on Facebook. He responds like a douche-bag and swear that I’m pissed because he did’t call me later due to his definition of “later”. I didn’t see a problem with calling him, but whatever. He then tells me his phone was off and maybe I should have thought about that. Now, this guy, when he wants my grandmother to allow him to spend the night at the house because he has nowhere to go, he always find a phone to use and call me, now this is somehow a problem?

Anyway, when I had called him Tuesday and he told me that he was “busy” I told him that I understood that if he couldn’t watch him because how busy he was that I would just take him with me. He tells me of course that he won’t know until Wednesday.

Well, I told him on Facebook that I will just take him with me to Akron and that I’ll see him Monday. He says, okay and then proceeds to tell me what I can’t do around my son like I’m a fucking idiot; like I haven’t been a parent for 2 years. Anyone with sense would know not to have sex around a child or to smoke around a child.

He goes off on a tangent and he says more ridiculous shit (I made it clear that all that bitching he was doing over the internet, he could have called me to let me know he couldn’t watch him) and then block me. Why? Because all of a sudden he’s not so busy and he wants to see his son after he obviously just told me “okay”. At this point, I’m not risking it and I’m not about to put my plans on hold because he wants to be a cunt. I message him on another name telling him to go fuck himself sideways (well, not really, but it was close). I’m thinking it.s over and I go back to getting things ready for me to leave that Thursday morning.

My brother knocks on my door and he’s high and shit, he says something about granny telling him to tell me that Adam said something about coming over. I laugh when I heard this and send him an email. I should have told him that I won’t be here that morning or when he supposedly had showed up, but that part I left out because I’m a grown ass woman and a damn good mother and I kept recalling how “busy” he was. No point in inconveniencing a “busy” man, right?

Well, that morning, I’m strapping Adam up in his stroller and granny tells me that Adam said he’s on his way over and that he just called (see how all of a sudden he can call me?) to see if I was still there. I told granny I’m on my way out the door. Whatever she told him after I left or if he called again, isn’t my problem. I don’t have a cell phone that’s on and I have to catch this next bus to Akron because my boyfriend was on that bus and he was paying my way.

This is where it gets interesting:

This guy is all over my Facebook pages (The Restless Blogger‘s Facebook page, The Black Atheists’ Facebook Page and Asilee Sims). I get a message from my admins telling me that he’s leaving messages EVERYWHERE saying how I disappeared with Adam (and other stupid shit). He knew where I was going, (remember where he said okay?) I check my messages under my personal page and he’s talking about coming to Akron to “raise hell”. Me and Tommy laughed and laughed. Where was he going to go and raise hell, at the bus station? Was he going to walk? My admins stated that they deleted most of the messages because they didn’t want me to see them and have my day ruined. I requested them to send me a screenshot if possible because I’m looking around and I’m not seeing shit. When I get the one screenshot it’s just of two messages, one was something about 810 Bank Street. I’m like, “Wait a minute, is he’s being that ridiculous?” I Google 810 Bank Street and there’s not one single street in Akron with that address. Me and Tommy have another laugh because he’s obviously trying to find out where exactly I am. He could have just went to Tommy’s page and asked him for the address.

I told my admins to just ignore him and Saturday, I’ll make apology posts about his ridiculousness. One of them called him a “man-child” it was very fitting.

So, here are the facts:

  • If my son’s father was so pressed about him being with me, he would have did what real fathers do and watched him. Keeping his word has never been his strong suit.
  • I didn’t disappear with my son, given he knew all the facts beforehand.
  • I didn’t have my grandmother lie for me. She doesn’t like him and I wasn’t at home.
  • Making alternate screen names on Facebook just to send harassing messages doesn’t look good at all.
  • If my son’s father was so concerned about my son, he wouldn’t have had time to make stupid comments on my blog posts (that went straight to spam and was deleted).
  • If he’s that pressed about where I was with my son, the authorities should be called the moment I get back home and call him so he can tell them I disappeared with my son because he was too “busy” to watch him.
  • The number he sent me to call him to keep him from “raising hell when he got to Akron” should have been working.
  • 810 Bank Street is a real street, just not in Akron (but Lodi, Ohio and Toronto, Ohio). If he seen any of the messages on Facebook, I have my location set to on. It would have said “Sent from Akron”.
  • Tracking an ISP that’s blocked isn’t going to have concrete results. I’m in Cleveland, but when I log into Facebook from a different browser at home, it tells me my location is Texas.
  • He had no reason to flip off the handle the way he did. If he needs proof that I’m a very capable mother, he can ask for doctor letters (I tell this guy about doctor appointments, but do he show up? No. There’s no excuse, it’s mandated by law that parents are there for their children, so a job can’t fire him for being a father) and notes. He can call ‘Help Me Grow’ and if he’s that concerned about the well-being of his child, call CPS on me.
  • I told this guy that took part in making his son that he should watch him so I wouldn’t have to take him to Akron, Ohio with me and he could have stayed at my granny’s house since he doesn’t have anywhere else to go.
  • Someone who doesn’t have a roof over their head shouldn’t be trying to tell anyone, anything.
  • I have screenshots of everything that has transpired from the past 4 days. I don’t have screenshots of him running rampant on my pages (besides the one), but I have verbal confirmation from my admins. I even screenshot the messages I sent him.
  • I was NOT about to put my plans on hold that morning because he decided to suddenly change his mind.
  • He’s going to try and twist to where it looks like I’m the one at fault.

This has been yet another interesting birthday. Last year wasn’t as bad, but it wasn’t necessary. I couldn’t take my son to the zoo without it being an issue. I hope I don’t have to deal with this forever. The more he act like a child, the more he make me regret ever meeting him.

My life shouldn’t be made a living hell because of one person. I’m sick of it and I only have this one life to live. I’ll be damned if I let some fucktard try their best at making me wish they’d get lost in a forest fire.

I’m Going To Need You Non-Comic-Book-Reading People To Stop Complaining About The Walking Dead “Spoilers”

I guess this is what boredom does, it makes you do boring stuff. Here’s the run down on the supposed spoiler from the comic book and the show. Notice how they’re not the same.  Just a heads up: There’s no Daryl, Merle or T-Dog in the comic book.

Comparing the show to the comic is natural for those who is up-to-date on the comic. Getting bent out of shape when someone says “Carl lost an eye and Rick lost his hand” makes you look like a fucking cry-baby. Shut-it-up already.

I’m going to make this a comparison post and I’ll let you decide if the comic is better than the show and vice versa.

The show starts off just like the show in a sense. It starts off with Shane and Rick getting into a gun battle with a bunch of gun-toting rednecks.


Rick gets shot and wakes up in the hospital. He calls for a nurse, no one answers so he tries to get out of the hospital bed and he falls out of it.


He gets to his feet to leave his hospital room when he does he notice everyone is gone. The difference here is he gets in an elevator to the first floor. When the door opens a zombie falls to the floor; scaring rick. He screams for help but no one answers, so he continues on.

He reaches the cafeteria and there’s a bar across the door handles; keeping whatever is in there…in there. He takes the bar off  door to look inside to see it filled with walkers.


The walkers notice him and Rick demands for them to stop, but of course, they don’t. So Rick breaks for an exit but not before a walker dives on him sending both him and the walker down the steps. The walker breaks his neck. He locks the door behind him by using his belt.

He’s now in the parking garage, looking for a car that he can use, but to no avail, he’s out on his luck. He will have to find other means.

He leaves the hospital and it’s no better than what was inside. He notices a dead corpse before he notice the bike. gukHe gasps and what-not. Both him and the walker exchange grunts and then Rick hops on the bike and rides off but he stops, gets off the bike and drop to his knees. He’s trying to wrap his head around what he’s seeing of course.

Moments later, I guess he gains his composure and continues on.

In the show the neighborhood is neat for the most part, but in the comic it’s not. The street looks like a tornado or a few ran through it. His home when he arrives to it, looks no better.


He runs throughout the house looking for his wife and son (you know this part). He heads back outside just to be met with a shovel to the head. Morgan asks Duane what did he do to him. Duane thought he was going to eat them, Morgan proclaims that he was alive and to help him get Rick inside. (See, just slight differences nothing big…yet.)duane

Rick isn’t tied up to a bed, he’s not interrogated or anything. Rick sits down and Morgan and Rick discuss the “monsters” that were inside the hospital over dinner. He then explains why he was in the hospital while they sit in front of a fire. Rick mentions his in-laws that stay in Atlanta where the radio broadcast told everyone to go so they could be “protected”.

It’s not until they reach the police station that Rick gets Morgan’s and Duane’s name and tells him that he’s a cop. They raid the gun locker (no showers taken) they then leave and Rick gives them a police car to use; even tells them not to bang it up because they’ll have to bring it back when things return to normal. HA!

A lot of stuff of course is cut out for the show or changed because of how much time they have. So I’m going to do a lot of skipping myself.

Let’s get to the parts people complain about the most….

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The Walking Dead: Comic and Television Series Comparison Page 2


Oh, before I do that, let me just say…yes, Rick was stupid in the comic, too. His car ran out of gas, he went to the farmer’s house up the road or whatever, walked in on their corpses then stumbled upon the horse and they rode off into impending doom together.

Moving on…

After Glenn saves Rick from getting torn apart like that poor horse they climb a roof, then through a fence, then through the woods. Yes, the woods…Anyway, on the way Rick tells his life story about his coma and looking for his family or whatever. For the second time he breaks down and cries. No one could blame him.


When Rick gains his composure for the second time they walk a bit further and they make it to the camp where everyone is set up. There he finds his wife, son and his best friend no Shame…I mean Shane. It was a joyous event.


The people in the camp: Glenn, Allen, Donna, Carol, Sophia, Kim, Amy, Andrea and a there are two twin boys.

After getting acquainted with everyone and settling down, Lori gives Rick his ring back and all that good stuff. They fall asleep together (no sexy-time).

The following morning, Dale couldn’t wait to be all up in someone else’s nuptials. That part in the show they got right. He of course has his famous hat, too. That’s his signature for both the show and the comic.

One thing I notice, though, the RV looks longer and more interesting in the comic than it did in the show. That could just be me, though.


Donna wasn’t in the show, but in the comic she’s a fucking blow-hard; a negative Nancy if you will.

She bitched a lot about doing laundry and “women’s rights”. Lady, it’s a zombie apocolypse and you’re worried about women’s rights?

Oh, Sophia’s father is dead in the comic. I like how they changed that in the show. Made things interesting around the campfire.

Shane and Rick did the hunting for food in the comic seeing as there’s no Daryl… or Merle.

In the show, the bag of guns never leave rick and it of course makes it to camp, but it’s not enough for everyone. Rick wants everyone to carry a gun so he asks people around the camp where they can find guns, Jim tells them. Glenn goes to his car and gets his map.

They get the map and then trek off to find the gun store. They then realize how they can easily become invisible to the walkers. They find a corpse and then of course cover themselves with it.

They make it to the gun store and pack everything into a grocery cart they found on the street.


They make it back to the campsite. but, not before it starts raining and the method they were using to be invisible to the walkers washes off where they have to use the weapons they got from the gun store. Rick got really close to being bit during the ordeal.

Shooting lessons is next. Andrea is a great shot of course. Carl get’s shooting lessons and he can now carry a gun.

                                                                                                                                 Page 1                                                                                                                                               Page 3

Page 4

The Walking Dead: Comic and Television Series Comparison Page 3

While in the woods, Shane and Rick argue about whether Shane should move the camp or not. It’s snowing and it’s cold. At this point Shane is still leader of the group of course.

In the comic Dale‘s wife is alive during the outbreak but she dies before meeting up with the current group.


Andrea was driving her sister back to college, Andrea was working at as a clerk at a law firm. Glenn was a pizza delivery boy. Allen was a manager at a store in a mall. Donna was obviously the stay at home mom taking care of their twins. Jim was a mechanic. Carol was a Tupperware salesman while her husband was a car salesman. Carol hints at how her husband died – suicide.

Well here’s where it gets interesting. Amy goes to use the bathroom and gets bit. (Yea, just like in the show). They kill that one and of course that wasn’t the only one.


The road ends for Jim (Jim can’t seem to catch a break). He’s bitten and they give him first aid but they know better.

Well, they hold a funeral for Amy; the only one who was killed.


Shane and Rick get into another fight about the campsite situation. Rick push for Shane to move them someplace safe and Shane comes up with what-if’s and talks of the army coming through for them. Everyone is back at the campsite and Jim begs for them to allow him to take his life (You know this part already).

Shane and Rick is about to go hunting again and Carl wants to come, but tells him he can’t this time. Rick tells Shane that they need to talk. Shane asks him what about and Rick yells at him, “you know why!” Shane gives one to Rick right in the kisser…in front of everyone.

Lori calls Shane a lunatic and Shane runs off into the woods with Rick on his tail. When Rick catches up, Shane is apparently off his rocker and points the gun at Rick.


Shane was a dick in the show, but at least he wasn’t a pussy like this guy. Shane then pulls the gun on Rick again, but this time Carl is there to put one right in his neck.


They bury Shane, hold a little funeral for the emo and then they decide that it’s time that they move on from there.

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The Walking Dead: Comic and Television Series Comparison Page 4

newWell, it’s snowing and the roads are treacherous. Rick and the gang make a stop and they end up almost killing three people coming up the road…or through the woods. Their names are Tyreese, Chris, and Julie.

Lori flips on Rick for inviting the new people to join them in the RV even though Tyreese shot down their offer. Lori does a lot of bitching in both the comic and the show.

That following morning, Rick and Tyreese are talking. Tyreese brings up an event where he had to kill a man. For good reason. He attempted to rape Julie so he beat his ass and he died. Good on him. It’s pretty much talk about how you can’t be too careful around strangers and whatnot.

Anyway, they get back on the road (Tyreese and the gang are with them) and end up coming to a stop due to a roadblock. Carol of course flirts with Tyreese while they’re trying to remove the roadblock. Once they get passed the roadblock, they set up camp and that’s when Lori tells Rick she’s pregnant. They then tell the group.

Dale of course pulls Rick to the side to let him know that the timing to Lori being pregnant doesn’t add up with his arrival. Good ol’ Dale.


They’re back on the road and they make a few stops but they were bust. They’re riding along and the come to a closed-in community/neighborhood. The gated community is called ‘Wilshire Estates’.


They pick a house and clean it out of walkers. As everyone was settling down for the night, Donna wanted to tell Andrea and Dale that she found some blankets and she ended up almost walking in on their love-making. Ew…


Their relationship isn’t apparent until now.

The following day, Rick puts together two teams to search through the homes. Rick is on the outside of the gate when he notices the sign that say “ALL DEAD DO NOT ENTER” and he runs back in.

Meanwhile, Donna is bitten in the face by a walker. In a fit of rage, her husband, Allen shoots off a round and all the walkers that weren’t aware that they were there, knew then.

They all run back to the RV to hightail it out of Wilshire Estates.

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Hey Tommy

I never thought I’d say this to anyone, but I think I’ve found the one. I have this feeling in my heart that you are the right one for me and that you’d never hurt me or tell me anything wrong. I cannot deny these feelings I have for you. All I want to do is make you happy and be there for you. I want to give this relationship one last try. I want to be held by you and loved by only you. I never thought that I would meet someone as perfect as you in this lifetime. I’ve never been this open with anyone and I feel that I can tell you my deepest darkest secrets without judgment. I know you will protect me and never leave me.

I don’t know if this is love or if I’m simply lusting because of how easily we click; how easily we mold and fit together. I feel like I’ve known you all my life, like you’ve always been there…waiting on me to notice you. Well, I’m glad I found you and I’m glad you’re in my life. I hope I don’t screw this up and we spend a lifetime together, growing together, being together.

I know you didn’t want me to use your “gubberment” but, I don’t like your middle name that much. <3


Your Queen


List of Things I’ve Yet To Experience

I say yet, because they may happen one way or another.

  • I’ve never gotten breakfast in bed. I’ve always wanted to feel that level of special, but things like that always seem to escape me. I guess I have an issue picking the right mate; seems I’m picking some real doozies.
  • I’ve never been to a hair salon. I guess this would shock some women, but I’ve never been to one. This one, I may not care if I experience…I’ve heard some horror stories about hair salons.
  • I’ve never gotten a pedicure and manicure. I’ve always thought this kind of stuff was too girly, I still think that to some extent.
  • I’ve never gotten a bouquet of flowers with a lovely car from like Orban‘s or something. I really love flowers; white roses especially.
  • I’ve never been engaged or had a wedding ring. I’ve only been married once, but that part would have been nice.
  • I’ve never been in love. I’ve loved before, but even when I was married, I wasn’t in love with my ex-husband. I’m not even sure I ever loved him.
  • I’ve never had a boyfriend who went out of their way to be romantic for me. My love life sucks, doesn’t it?
  • I’ve never been to the beach. I mean a real beach, not the crap here in Ohio.
  • I’ve never ridden a train or a plane. One of these days I’ll be able to do both.

Dear Life

This letter to you is long over due…if you were a person, I would shake the shit out of you. I would ask you so many questions that I will never get the answers to. The first one would be the recent turn of events. What was the point in bringing this person into my life, allow me to be happy for 10 fucking minutes and then take him away? What was the point in that? Am I not supposed to be happy? What kind of life are you? What kind of life is this to live? I take one step forward and all it takes is for the wind to blow for you to push me 20 steps back!  I have this deep burning ball of anger in the pit of my heart. I’ve been very angry for a very long time. No amount of happy pills can get rid of it. They say what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. I don’t feel strong at all, far from it. I’m weak at the knees and all it’s going to take is one push for me to fall over.

There were so many times where I wanted to cut you short; to just end it. I hate you, you make me sick. I’m sick of being in the dark, all the time. I get one chance to adjust my eyes to the light and what do you do? You push me back into the darkness. Every other day I contemplate doing the unthinkable, ending you once and for all. I then look at the one and only reason why I shouldn’t do it.

After this last stunt you pulled, you know the one. The one where I’m alone yet again. It’s cool, keep him. Send him off to California indefinitely, I know that’s in your plan. So go right the fuck ahead. I’ll be alright. I’m convinced that Asilee isn’t supposed to be happy, to experience true love, to experience a break from the bullshit you put her through. If you want her to continue to cry herself to sleep at night okay, cool. Even though her pillow just dried up, I guess it won’t hurt to shed more tears.

I’m getting sick of feeling sorry for myself, you know. I’m tired of having people tell me that you are the way you are based on the choices I make and only I can change which way you go. It’s bullshit, I’m now convinced. No matter what I do, say or feel, you’re going to be a bitch. What, is it because I’m an atheist or some shit? Did I break some fucking mirror somewhere? Is it that bitch Karma people keep telling me about? None of which I believe in. I know FOR A FACT it’s not because of some invisible negative force that emits from my negative thoughts and my cold heart that’s keeping me in a downward spiral of pure anger and hatred! So, what is it? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! You’ve made it crystal clear that love doesn’t love me!

Life, what else are you going to do to me, huh? I’m already low as I can go. You put all the wrong people in my life, throw my mistakes back in my face, and it’s never a one time deal. What was the point in bringing CJ back around, huh? To keep reminding myself of the huge fucking colossal mistake I made letting him slip through my fingers because I didn’t know how to speak up? Are you mocking me? What sole purpose is it of you to rub my past in my face? You brought him back just so I can hate him all over again. Now, I wish I never met him! What am I going to get out of CJ hanging around? This time, I’ve tried pushing him away and he won’t fucking budge! He has his own life and child to deal with, why the fuck does he need to be in mine? I don’t want him there! I don’t want him nowhere near you!

What message am I not getting? What am I not doing right? From the look of things, I’m doing everything wrong. Which I don’t give two fat fucks about. What’s your motive? Do I even fucking care?! Nah, I don’t think so. Are you going to get in the way of me leaving Ohio, too? Am I going to be stuck here in this cesspool of a state for the rest of my life? I’ll be damned if that happen. You’re not getting in the way of me getting away from here. If you’re going to keep me miserable, allow me to leave the hell away from here, first.

Can you do that? Can you allow me to have this one fucking thing before you rear your ugly fucking head?!

I’m sitting here trying to figure out when was the last time you allowed me to be happy and worry-free and guess what? i got nothing. It’s pathetic! No matter what hurdle I struggle to jump over, no matter how much effort I put into what I do, no matter how many attempts at trying to look at “the brighter side to things” what do you do? You fuck me over! It’s not even about comparing you to someone else’s life. It’s definitely not about me being grateful that it’s not worse like someone else’s is right now. I can’t worry about their life, it does nothing for me except depress the shit out of me.

Seriously, fuck you. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time. I’m tired of being in pain all the time. I’m tired of you! I only have one of you and I wish I had another! If I could go back in time and figure out where the fuck you went wrong, I would. I would give anything in this world for this pain in my heart to go away. I would love for one day where I can just look at myself in the mirror and not regret what looks back. I’m tired of waking up, wishing I hadn’t. Is that why I don’t have a song in my heart to sing? Even though I can sing real fucking good, you won’t allow me to have song to sing? Is it because my heart is filled with so much despair, so much pent up anger and fear that I wouldn’t even know what happy was if it slapped me?

There’s this person inside of me that wants to escape so badly. I think it’s the real Asilee, I don’t know. She’s ready to break-free, but there hasn’t been a chance for her to do so because of you. This Asilee wants to use the pretty singing voice no one knew she had. You’re a bitch for that, too; giving me a voice I can’t even use. She want to love hard and regret nothing. That’s not going to happen anytime soon.

You’re driving me to drink. All I want to do is get out of the car and drive myself. I want to drive myself to happier days.