Why Blacks can call each other “Niggas” but the MOMENT someone White Say it, it’s a problem?!

Since this blog has somehow received a lot of views and angry black people typing up irrational, senseless paragraphs, I decided to type it over.

Where shall I begin? Oh I know…

It’s weird and at the same time depressing seeing blacks get upset over someone of a different race say the word nigga; offline and online. How they can say that the word “nigga” is “their” word is simply hilarious. Who would want that word? & why get offended when someone of a different race say it? You did it to yourselves. You’ve accepted the word “nigger” by pretty much remixing it to “nigga”. So um, lets see, unless you were calling yourselves “nigger” first, I don’t see how you can claim a word. Even much so again I ask why claim the word as yours? Nigga, nigger, it’s the same thing in my eyes. I’m black and I don’t use the word and it’s disgusting when I hear rape music, yes you read correctly, ‘rape music’ or should I say ‘rape culture‘. Every other word, “nigga” is there. Hmm, I see, since the dawn of time as far as music is concerned the word nigga has been in Hip-Hop/Rap, so I guess it kind of makes sense why those who get offended when someone who isn’t black says it. How pathetic. This isn’t the 1930′s anymore, you don’t have to sit in the back of the bus. If someone of a different race using the word nigga towards you is like them saying nigger, you shouldn’t give any sign that it’s okay to use; black or white.

In an e-mail, I were told by a pretty hostile Black man who told me the reason the word nigga exists is because they needed their own word to describe “friend”.  Very, very laughable. Honestly, what is the difference between nigga and nigger? There is not one intelligent argument that you can try to force down my throat that will show me the difference between the two. From my knowledge, nigger means, a black person, whose inferior, ignorant, etc, it also means, a victim of prejudice. Nigga on the other hand is pretty much nigger but only blacks can call another black that. What a shame, substituting ‘er’ for ‘a’ and claim rights over the damn word.

It’s not only the word nigga blacks substitute letters with, there are others; gangsta, murda, rappa, for instance. But, while those letters is substituted, the meaning of the word stays the same but not for nigga, why is that? Listen, nigga is what nigger is and of course there is no jumping hurdles, climbing mountains, kayaking around that. Reminds me of what Tupac said: he tried but making acronyms for nigga isn’t going to change the true definition of the word. “never ignorant getting goals accomplished” is just preposterous. Really, anyone with a sane mind will not walk around calling themselves nigga, if anything, they’ll call themselves black. Those of us who aren’t ignorant, who are getting goals accomplished without the awareness of NIGGA, do we call ourselves niggas too now because the word which is still crap but has now been spray painted with gold?

Flipping nigger into nigga will not give you more power or make it less hurtful when other races use it, if it did, you wouldn’t get so upset about it when they do say it. Just ask yourself, before the next time you get bent out of shape when someone uses “your” word, who invented it in the first place? Who made it possible for you to even change the word into what it is today? If you don’t know, let me tell you, white people. Nigger – Etymology: alteration of earlier neger, from Middle-age French – negre, from Spanish or Portuguese – negro. Originally “nigger” is a term derived from the Latin word “negro” which means black in color but is also used to refer to an ignorant person. Just because you played around with this disgusting word, it doesn’t make it yours. As long as people have a voice, white, black, green or blue, they will use this word.

So I’m pretty much assuming here, why most black people use this word is because they THINK it’s THEIRS? Look at how Hip-Hop has taken the power of the words away. It should be a two-way street. If nobody can say nigga but blacks then stop calling Hispanics beaners, wet-backs, and spics; stop calling Whites honky’s, crackers, white trash.

You don’t hear other races singing in their music how much they love their “Crackers” or “Beaners” and how they’ll die for them. White people don’t walk around calling themselves crackers, and mexicans don’t go around calling themselves spic’s, but we the black people, the poorest race in the world, the race considered to be the most violent, and the race with the most depressing slavery past are the ones who call themselves the most obscene words, but in a nice way? I can’t help but laugh at you all.

A word is just a word and sorry to say, but in these 50 states you can say whatever you want to say. If any word affects you then that’s you. A word like nigga goes as far as you let it go, really nothing anyone say should affect you but for some reason you get offended by everything. If you think white people are trying to be “slick” my calling you niggas, maybe you shouldn’t be calling each other niggas. If you know where the word originates from and yet you still use the word you think is less derogatory, then you’re being irrational and hypocritical for getting upset. Both words mean the same thing. When Richard Pryor was using it to joke around he was using the stronger meaning to get across a softer concept that would make the audience laugh – shock value. AGAIN if nigga really is less harmful than nigger why do you get as mad when a white person says it?

I think they both mean the same thing, and it keeps black people subconsciously at a standard below every other race. You’re calling each other slaves and savages, and you think it’s cool? I guess so. Whatever floats your slave ships.

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150 thoughts on “Why Blacks can call each other “Niggas” but the MOMENT someone White Say it, it’s a problem?!

  1. Improper English does not get your point across with any readable comprehension. It just shows you have reverted to an inner rage and won’t bother to address the valid reasons I gave why this word does have meaning to Black People and why they have every Right in the World to use it if they so choose. No one else has that right.

    Your argument is flawed and based on inconsistencies and plain outright lies.

    I’ve got better things to do than to argue with a childish incomprehension of what it is to be Black in a World that seeks to put you down and keep you down. Reading your long rant/post was unbearable at the least and stupid at the most. You don’t understand, and your justifications for what you said make no sense.

    Ever heard of Honky Tonk music? White people called each other crackers because the poor ones lived in cracker boxes. Rich white people called poor white people poor white trash. Racism/Classism is rampant Worldwide it is nothing new.

    In your rant to equalize a word that Black People have chosen to own, you have shown your obtuseness when it comes to the Black Experience. The word Negro means Black. It was mispronounced by ignorant white people that couldn’t use the proper pronunciation. Therefore, it only means something derogatory if said in a derogatory manner, i.e., by racists or those who want to use the word to put someone down.

    The color Black and the word in several languages is not a bad word. It is how it is used is what makes it bad. Many people want to associate black as the color of evil, and in some cases it is. It is the absence of light. The color Black is not evil, it is how it is used that makes it evil. In the dark, things are grown. The mind is grown, all green things come out of the dark earth. Darkness is fertile. The mind needs complete darkness to rest and be ready to deal with all the light stimulation of the day.

    Word association is what matters here. My point. Black People say it with Love to one another. There is nothing wrong with being Black/Negro. “Say it loud, I am Black and I am Proud.” – James Brown.

    If you are white and you think Black is bad, then by association, whenever you use that word, you are putting bad connotations on it. Some people say that “Wheat” is bad for you because they have gluten issues. Wheat is not bad, but in this twisted, upside down world, it has been labeled bad for you.

    That is another lie propagated by people who think they know everything.

  2. Black People are the only ones allowed to use such a racially charged word because they are “Black” period. Even among many Black people, the word is unacceptable and it is not said in polite company.

    Black People that want to say it to their Black friends can, it is indeed a term of endearment when used in that context. It can also be an insult among African-Americans if they use it as an insult.

    The point I am trying to make is that people that are not Black should NEVER use that word on Black People, period.

    Non-Black People don’t have the right or privilege of using that word. They are not Black. They don’t have the right. They don’t have the experience of being Black, so they don’t get the benefits of being Black.

    Many think they are entitled to something that they have not earned. They were not born into a World where racists attitudes label you from birth. If they had been born Black, they would have the option of using that word. They don’t have the right to use this particular term of endearment that Black People use among themselves. Because Black People know what it is to be Black. And yes, it is a very different experience from any other race in the World.

    Being born of African Heritage is grand distinction. We have Culture. We have rhythm. We have Skills & Talents that the World envies. We have Soul. We have so much going for us that it was all stolen from us. Our very lives were sold and our precious Culture and Heritage was stolen.

    Too many Africans suffer today and too many have suffered in the past. If we choose to call ourselves terms of endearment that we have chosen for ourselves, in spite of our oppressors, who are you to say otherwise?

    You may be an African-American Woman, but you do not speak for the African People, nor do you speak for African-American Women or Men when you say that the word has no meaning. The word has meaning. Reinvented from our blood and our rage at the injustices that have been heaped upon us and is still heaped upon us.

    If I want to call some other Black individual that I love “My Nigga” then that is my right. If you are non-Black and you use that word in my presence, without the experience of being Black or the Heritage of the Black race in your blood, then you are in serious error. You are not Black and you do not have the right.

    For you to make this post and say what you have said, shows your total disregard for the African experience in America.

    People of all races steal our dance moves, they steal our music, they steal our physical features which they once denigrated, full lips and round behinds, now they would steal our terms of endearment and make them their own.

    People can appreciate the Black Culture and give props when they adapt to our music and dance, and even their pursuits of tans and fuller lips and behinds. But they cannot take a derogatory term said by any other race, other than Blacks, and make it their own. It is offensive to the extreme.

    As pointed out above, even Eminem doesn’t use that word. He is not disrespectful of the Black experience and he shows respect by not using it.

    • you’re not even worth thoroughly replying to. your comment in a nut shell:”because we can, because we;re victims.” nothing in your statement proves to me that you comprehended what was said. you seen the question and without facts, attempted to answer it.

  3. I don’t want to sound rude because this isn’t supposed to come off that way.Just saying.But, black people call each other “nigga” because they took a racist,derogatory term and turned it into a term of endearment.Apparently, white people can’t say nigga because black people take that term and relate it to slavery.I am black myself and if anybody,black or white or any race for that matter, called me nigga I would be beyond pissed.I don’t call any of my friends nigga and they don’t call me nigga or there would be some verbal conflict occuring.

  4. PEOPLE who identify or think they identify with the culture of a nigga say “nigga”. This is the programmed frame of mind now, for some black youth; (The results of Willie Lynch science) But.. blacks are not the only ones allowed within this culture. There are some whites, hispanics, asians, etc. who are accepted as saying “nigga” by some blacks and their own people. The question is; what’s your demographic? Who do you identify with? It’s my personal belief that the word was used, say, 400 years ago (amongst ourselves) as a strict reminder that to the rest of society, you will always be a “nigga” no matter who you are individually or what you’ve accomplished. Not a term of endearment. The endearment comes from this day in age. It’s as if we say “The worst has already happened. There’s not much left but the word nigga.” You can look at it as claiming a battle trophy. A misguided correlation to an actual victory. I don’t know if you really feel like “so when a white person says it, it’s a problem?!” but that’s not exactly the case. If you’re not apart of the culture, you appear to mock the culture or have no respect for it. Thinking about it in terms of religion, if someone said you’re wrong and you’re ignorant for going to church on Sunday, instead of Saturday, would you start going to church on Saturday instead? Or would you be offended? A white man, who’s name I can’t recall, said it best, ironically: “I can talk bad about MY mama but you damn sure better not say anything bad about MY mama”. There may be no real reasoning behind it at all, other than selfishness and vanity. Or maybe even a few prominent figures throughout history could be the cause. But the fact of the matter is the word is, and will be used continually. Nice article.

  5. I totally agree and I’m black , I just don’t understand and someone called me one today and I said don’t call that and they got mad at me ! Lol.

  6. Words are just generalizations. What gives them their power is the meaning behind the meaning. I grew up in real racism and because I was different, didn’t like to hunt and didn’t have a dog box in the back of my truck, I was ridiculed and beaten up quite often. Real racism has jack shit to do with any word. And it exists on both sides of the coin. Hate will find a way to hate, even within your own race. Great blog post btw. You seem like a damn smart girl.

  7. Can’t remember if I commented on this however yea I’ll just say I agree. A word only has the power that you/we the people give it. All in all its all ignorant and stupid and make the race as a whole look even dumber and live up to the stereotype thats been placed. Much like we say we need to have our own language so we come up with ebonics….the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. Half assed broken english that you want to claim as your own? Really? Again living up to said stereotype. I’ve seen some interesting comments and may or may not reply. That is all for now

  8. I would love to go in on what “chris” said but it will probably go clean over his bigoted head. I just have one thing to ask chris, why? What does racism solve? How does it make you feel?

  9. Yes, I’m a racist. I call people spics, baboons, jungle bunnies, rat-coons, et-backs, sand-niggas, etc…just because. What I call other people is my perogative and how it affects them is their own problem. Niggers though? I call the ignorant ones who have no sense of where they want to go in life that. Black people…eh they’re just black people.

    Anyone who don’t like what I said, tough titty.

    • Well guess what? I don’t like what you said. But not for the reasons you think – exactly. How can you say something so stupid? Please tell me you aren’t trolling. I’m truly at lost for words; I honestly don’t know what to say to you.

    • I’d have to say to you Chirs, that you aren’t a real racist. REAL racist HATE the other race’s. You sir are just ignorant. You wouldn’t distinguish any blacks at all if you were serious. We’d all just be porch monkies that need be extirpated from this earth along with the other inferior races. So your trolling ignorance doesn’t
      work here buddie..sorry.

      • Hmm, erod77 if you knew how to read.. (or woulod stop being lazy) you would have noticed she was basically saying it’s no cool for anyone to say white, black, red, yellow, or blasted granny smith apple green. Before you get too excited and jump on a wagon take a breath and read for once.

    • fuck you nigger bitch! you’re just lost for words, because all you niggers cal each other that word. whatever it is, nigger, nigga, or niggo. it’s still a racial slur. if it wasn’t. why is it okay for chimps to call other niggers, or niggas, not others? you stupid baboons!

  10. Honestly I’ll never truly understand what’s the point being offended by such terms. I mean: first of all “nigger” ain’t a good not a bad word, it’s just a derivation from the Latin word which stands for “black” (as in italian “nero” and spanish “negro”). Could you be pissed off by simply mentioning the colour of your own skin? I don’t think so, and if this is your case, you got some serious issue. So it’s not a black word, it’s Latin (if we consider words being able to be “owned” by anyone… well). Secondly, what if I dare to step into “black” business? Ain’t this a free world? So now who’s the racist? If I address you with such words as idiot, sob, dumbass, you have all the rights to be mad at me and whatever. If some black dude calls me whitey, white trash… so what’s the problem? If someone tries to piss me off for something I’m in no way responsible for (could I perhaps choose the colour of my skin at birth??), the “attack” is really childish, and worthless a reply.
    To sum up: whoever gets pissed off by being addressed by such “racial” terms has issues, is racist or, perhaps, suffers from some inferiority complex. These are the only causes I can seriously think at to find a justification to such boiling attitudes…

  11. there is no point to this f****ng blog. nigga is a black term. period. no whit bitch can undrstand why its wrong for them to call black people niggas because thy are not black. so white people need to stop being all up in black people’s business and writing stupid ass blogs about them. white people just wanna talk like black people, and get offnded when black people think they sound stupid or racist. get your own damn white terms idiots.

    • English, do you SPEAK IT?! There is no point to your pointless rambling if that’s the case. If this blog didn’t have a point, then your comment is pointless. So you pretty much made no point to a very valid point that obviously went over your pointless head. Get the point?

      • Obviously the niggers don’t speak English. They use words like cuz, foo, fo sho, and wat eva. You black bitch talk about speaking English, your tire lip looking ass needs, to start speaking, reading, and writing in English, you fucking spook! We can start by, what’s your slave name bitch!

    • So who’s really the stupid one here? I cannot find anything pointless about Asilee’s blog. Your idiotic excuse to why this blog is “stupid” is because white people want to talk about black people? Uh fuck-head, before this blog existed, white people had a lot of ammo and reasons to talk about black people. It’s imbeciles like you who are to blame. That and BET. Your asenine response just adds on to it. Hope you feel better.

    • Asilee, the big words confused him/her/it. That’s all. When people can’t comprehend things they throw their arms in the air and then proceed to show their frustration by announcing that whatever it was they were trying to understand as pointless. Don’t sweat it, tomorrow he/she/it will still be the same dunce it/he/she is today.

      • I come across poor souls like this on a daily basis. I don’t sweat idiotic, naive people like ”j’, they want the attention. I’m not here to give it to them.

  12. I am white and I don’t like hearing the word, period. I just got into a heated discussion with a man, a new friend, who has been using the word constantly in front of me lately. I asked him to stop using the word in front of me, that I did not like it, that I found it to be a nasty word. He did, for a couple of days. When he said it again, I asked him why he never used the word in front of black people or to a black person…that I found that to be hypocritical. Needless to say, I had to leave. His arguments made no sense whatsoever. One of his arguments was that if he did say it in front of a black person, he would probably get shot. After reading your article, I, too, wonder why the word is accepted as a good word, only if someone of the same color says it. Interesting article!

  13. Nicely written.

    I almost got dumped by a black girl once because of that. I did not know nigga/nigger was detrimental :) you can imagine the hilarity when I greeted her with “What’s up my nigga?!?”. Boy oh boy and a good two days of “Honey its all over the movies, how was I supposed to know? Im polish!”

  14. I’m a white man who has a great amout of respect for you for posting this. I live in a very small town in west central indana and I can say ALL my neighbors will open a door for a black person just as fast for you as a white person. Why cant we all just get along? Racisim is a dead issue, its history…….

  15. Further more the word Nigga has shaped a new meaning In black vocab this current day and age. All the other ones are still here but it depends how you use it. I dont use it my self Wouldnt want to but eh The think about the floating slave ship is overboard get it overboard lol but anyway my lil bro tends to say it somtimes towards me or my brother so I end up having to get in his face because he is discracing our race because he is puerto Rican now immagine a 11 year old boy calling you a nigger And im 15 now last 2 times I punched him and knocked him down with one hit I warned him multiple times so yea I dont feel good or bad about putting him in his place but what I am getting at is white poeple shouldn’t use the N word it always ends bad.

    • What do you mean it “depends” on how you use it? There is no sugar coating a racial slur. Making excuses for people using the word ‘nigga’ is simply absurd. I know you have your opinion and all but your hypothesis’ is ridiculous.

      • Well what I mean by that is If a black person says it to another black they would be probelly saying it as in Nigga=Hommie

      • Thank you for your honest words and analysis, Lee. That’s keepin’ it real, if you don’t mind me saying, and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been saying it for years and down here in the South nobody listens.

        ~Ms. Queenly

  16. Basiclly Blacks such as my self and other are offended when A white person says the N word because one What our ancestors went through Back during the times of slavery “Negro” Was the term used basiclly why we are offended is because our ancestors were enslaved beaten and burned alive because of slavery, Racism during the 1900′s and also the fact Eminem has not used the Word Nigga in any of his songs if It was used it would have been some one like Dr.Dre or some other black rapper saying it in the song not eminem him self.

    • Also it kinda became Culture or somthing liek that for blacks to call eachother Nigga All I know is there probelly wording it as Hommie or buddy word

      • I’m well aware of their feeble attempts to try and change a word to suit them but it’s disgusting how naive they are. Did you read the blog entirely?

  17. Im mexican and I really want to know why African Americans call each other nigga or nigger. Honestly.. Ppl who call each other nigger should be beheaded. The Word “NIGGA” means a black person. So if black ppl call each other that word, is it okay if nonblacks call them “niggers”? Its really hipocritical and silly really. Back in the olden days when whites and blacks wernt united, if the word “nigger” was ever used, you would of been murdered or killed. I truly dont understand why blacks use that word on each other nowadays. How come they dont get mad at each other for saying that?. Some black ppl really are so corrupted in their minds. Thats why God is gonna destroy the earth, because the earth is defiled by its people, not by God like some RETARDS say. I really cant wait till the end of the earth, Everyone will see the truth of everything. Everyone thinks the earth is gonna end in 2012. But actually its gonna end earlier than that.

    • I would have almost agreed with you, except that you’re condemning someone for using the word “nigga” because of it’s hateful heritage, but then you use the word “retard” in a way that insults other people. You lost your credibility when you did that. Retarded people cannot help that they suffer from a psychological and neurological condition. I get so tired of hearing people calling each other that. It’s degrading to people who have to endure way too many challenges in life and face discrimination every day. Even worse, many of these people don’t have the capability or mental faculties to defend themselves against this kind of hate language. Shame on you.

  18. Well, you got me. I’m an AFRICAN-AMERICAN that lived in areas where they use it the most, but I never felt the need to use “nigga.” To be honest, I tended not to use a such racially charged slang. I would say that they know the hurtful HX of the word “nigger” and wanted to soften it so that it would be less degrading, but it wouldn’t be a reason why they’d get offended if say a Caucasian where to also use it.

    In my opinion, it doesn’t matter who says it (white,black,other,etc) or how they change the sound …it’s degrading. PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

  19. Im black, married with white woman (3 kids) and can say I dont even like being called on joking terms by my dear black friends.


    1. Same reason as Eminems final show in “8 Mile”, you disarm the words hurting effects by saying it yourself.
    Problem is this habit can negatively stick on you…

    2. For the same reason as white women call each other Bitch, but as soon a guy calls them that…

    3. The white man used that word negatively centurys ago, and as soon a whiteman uses that it reminds of the past cause some still used it that way when we were growing up!!

    4.If you were caught cheating with someone, how long would it take before you dared mention that persons name in front of your partner again without hurting him/her, or avoiding misunderstanding/fight? and thats only cheating…

    5.How can whites feel discriminated for not allowed to say Nigga, do you really want to be black so much??? How would it look if I cried about not getting to call women Bitches without offending, how silly is that. Its as if some whites loafs hispanics, are too afraid of jews and despites arabs – so they want to be friend with the black guy, therefore saying Nigga!!

    >>Anyway, for most people its all about who says NIGGA, close white friends exceeds a stranger black.

    • Lol you made a good point. People name call all the time. Nobody makes big deals about any ofthat though so hey this is how the world is and nobody’s gonna change…unfortunately

  20. Exactly correct. Black people can call eachother “nigger” or
    “nigga” but the minute someone from another race does it, it’s as if all of hell is about to break loose. And if you try to explain to that person their ignorance, your racist. I swear the ignorance of people in this world is going to be the death of it all.

    • Nigga im black. and ya’ll not. my family went thru fucking slavery. thats why i gett ta say nigga a.k.a nigger. ya’ll whiteboyz can call ya’ll selvs crackers if you want

      • Lmao, everyone on here isn’t white douche bag…and you don’t realize how stupid you look. I would pity you but I rather put my energy to better use.

      • To reply to this paint eating retard who calls himself XXL xplicit:
        You sound highly unintelligent. You can’t even form a coherent English sentence.
        I doubt you knew this, but in New Orleans alone, over 3000 blacks owned slaves. White families were often poor and couldn’t afford slaves if they wanted to. So, they would have a part time slave. Many part time slaves got jobs – saved their money and got slaves of their own. So as soon as blacks got a little bit of money and power – what did they do? They enslaved other blacks!
        The word slavery is derived from the Greek language. People of Slavic heritage were often enslaved. Far more white Europeans were
        enslaved throughout history than blacks – and for longer periods of time.
        You sound like a complete moron. You think that you can get by in life and never learn how to read and write better than a fifth grader – and you’re going to be successful in life? Affirmative action can only go so far, and those handouts are quickly on their way out. The race card is maxed out. A time will come when blacks have to actually earn their jobs.
        You can hide behind your race card like a coward all you want. But true respect is EARNED – not forced by political avenues.

        • Firstly your the idiot for saying the guy can’t read or write because he clearly just proved it, by making a point on what he just read. Secondly ok europeans were slaves, but it cannot compare to what the black slaves went through in America. NO WAY! If European slavery even came close it would be a known issue. So as we say in London “GO FUCK YOURSELF! DICKHEAD”

  21. When I learn to speak English then I’ll have something people will actually take seriously, until then…I will go and see if “listin” is in the dictionary.

  22. I’m also a dick sucking prude because I don’t know the difference between nigger and nigga…because I prefer to be called a nigger.
    --Chris the admin was here--

  23. I have to agree with you wholeheartedly on this, it blows my mind how we as people can be so angry when some one with a lighter skin tone uses that word but then use it to those we love or those we hate. Sadly i hear the word a least 10 times a day.

    I do believe that many blacks dont realize the wieght of that word. I admit in the past i used that word only becuase the whole “well everyone else is doing it.” Many are just ignorant to the fact that Nigger or nigga isn’t just a word and when you use it, your hurting yourself and community even more.

    Im happy someone had the balls to actually talk about it.

    But also i have to disagree with you about hating your race i can understand how you can be annoyed by your race but never dislike or disown us. Just becaus the blakc you see from day in and day out are liek the way they are does not mean every black From Sierra Leone to Georgia are like that. Black people do have things to be proud of, sometimes you have to keep those things in mind. You should never be ashamed of what you are.

    • I think I know that all blacks aren’t like that…but that doesn’t diminish how I feel about my race. The things they do gives me no choice but to be ashamed…

  24. This is a very valid blog post. I’ve been baffled by coloreds for a very long time now. I never understood that either. I’m glad someone of color has the guts to stand up and speak up on this. They indeed do put themselves in those type of miserable situations. Great post Lee.

  25. Asilee I can agree with this. They become so enraged and engulfed in their own animosity they DON’T realize they do it to themselves. I’ve never used the N-word and I don’t plan on doing so either. I’m a part of the solution, not the problem. Great blog Lee.

  26. I believe I agree with some of the points you made. It it is very hypocritical of black to be up in arms when someone of a different race… when a white person calls them a nigger. Especially after using the word casually and in my experience within earshot of white people. Some blacks set an example that is hard to not follow.

    Now I don’t really see how taking a derogatory term and changing it a bit is a bad thing. Nigger equals violence, Nigga equals friend. I prefer to not be called either personally.

    I have one question for you though. Why are you so angry about this? I am certain you have explained your stance somewhere else, but still I have to wonder. Breath in and out slowly.

    • No one is angry…I don’t like my race…they’re shameful. Not saying all but they annoy me. We get ridiculed, bunched up, categorized all in the same because of one bad bunch.

      Nigga does not equal friend because if it did, they wouldn’t of cared who said it.

      • You got a point, but there is another way to look at it. Bitch is usually a highly offensive term to women, but women can and do use it as term of endearment. As long as it is said in a friendly manner it is ok for women, but if a man says it everyone starts screaming.

        Both are offensive if said by the wrong person.

          • A word isn’t just a word. If it was then blacks wouldn’t get so upset when someone white calls them a nigger. Or they wouldn’t get so upset at petty things like the last Resident Evil game [5]. They find petty stuff to get upset about they fail to realize they do it to themselves.

        • That just make them hypocrites. They can’t even see how hypocritical they look when they allow other females to call them a bitch but the moment a man walk by and say it, then they ready to pull their extensions out and kick his ass. The word “bitch” was not supposed to be a friendly greeting on any circumstances. Blacks just use what they got and make the best out of it, no matter how ridiculously hypocritical they look. They have no shame.

      • I think that you make some good points but I wonder. I feel that if you are ashamed of your race there is something about yourself you don’t like. I am black like you, but I choose to educate our children so that they can be better. You talk the talk but walk the walk, don’t just criticize but what are you doing to make blacks look better? We have a moral obligation to help one another. You don’t see whites or latinos with a site like this criticizing their race. Uplift, don’t tear down. You seem to be a well- educated person so why not put it to good use.

  27. You’re absolutely right Asilee. Its time someone BLACK not someone WHITE actually address this situation at face value. You have every right to be annoyed because I’M BLACK and I’M ANNOYED.

  28. I knew someone was gone read this and TRY and make it seem like I’m the one wrong…bullshit. If I can’t speak my mind, then who will?

  29. I honestly don’t think you should feel wrong..or not say how you feel. If thats how you feel. Then..ok. I can’t tell you what you are supposed to say and do you your blog. But what I CAN do..is respond and disagree with whatever the hell you say. :) With that..i say…

    I am a black person. And I have a problem with ANYONE using that word. Period. I wish you would say SOME black people annoy you. I know you say you don’t think ALL black people are like that, but it just comes off that you ALWAYS have problems with blacks. Like theres no other races on earth. Just stating my opinion..not trying to be a self-righteous prick. I actually have been enjoying your blog for some time and I actually agree with SOME of the things you say. I just get a little annoyed when the focus always goes directly onto black people.

    • “Like theres no other races on earth.”
      Can’t talk about other races I’m not surrounded by 24/7.

      Your debate is flawed and people who feel they have to pull that “other race” card need to step away from
      the computer IMMEDIATELY and get a new deck of cards to play. That rebuttal NO that EXCUSE is getting tired. I’m black if you
      haven’t noticed and I don’t really care what you’re tired of, life don’t un-stress your emotions because you’re “tired” of something,
      nothing you can do about it but read my blogs and get upset. Thanks for liking them but I speak my mind and I speak on what I see.

      Only the naive sit and talk about races they haven’t been around EVER. I can’t speak on what I don’t know. Or did something in life make
      that possible?

      • I’m not reading your blog and getting upset. lol I just had an opinion and stated it. Just because you seem to be constantly around a bunch of “ghetto” black people doesn’t mean that you have anything to support your arguments. No one is saying..none of the stuff you talk about doesn’t happen. Or let’s just focus on other races you don’t know anything about. But you don’t know everything about black people either. Yet you come on here bitchin about them every other entry.
        I understand that you don’t agree. But you seem to go on attack mode when someone disagrees with you. Like i said before…i actually agreed with SOME of the things you say. I just felt like i wanted to say something about it. Period. I haven’t come at you all bitchy and aggressive, but you chose to do so. Get a grip chick.

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